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Welcome to our Angels gallery, these beautiful girls are waiting for you here in Thailand Phuket. This is an up to date selection of the Angels that will be available to you. The Land of Smiles produces some of the most beautiful girls in the world, tanned skins, slender, skilled and very very sexy. You will be able to make a selection of the girls of your choice before you come for your vacation.

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Nutty. Angels in Paradise present our newest Angel ‘Nutty’ God knows why she’s called that but we’re sure the reason will come out soon!

Ning. Local Angel Ning, a beautiful companion for your holiday at Angels in Paradise. Ning is 160 cm tall and around 50 kilos, very good English

Bell. An incredible figure with endless legs and the irresistible charm of a true Thai girl. Bell is the one to satisfy your every need.

Tuk. Angel Tuk. There’s no room for discussion here Tuk is an absolute stunner and speaks great English to top it off.

Tang. Angel Tang,  returning to us after a period away and welcome back with open arms! Tang speaks great English,

Poy. Angel Poy, sophistication and charm hides a naughty girl that knows every trick in the book to make you squirm with pleasure.

Cat. A breath of fresh air has landed onto Angels in Paradise who goes by the name of Cat. Cat offers all services with enthusiasm.

Nu. Probably the best you will ever find. Nu is a unique Angel with the true beauty of the orient. 27 years old. A fun Thai  girl.

Ink. 25 year old Angel Ink, new to join us in May 2015, hope she’s got some friends who are as equally beautiful! Ink we are sure will be very popular.

Eye. Angel Eye, 26 year old ‘Eye’ a small bundle of fun and joy. 160 tall and 50 kilos weight. Eye has a passion for making our guests feel relaxed.

Ae. Angel Ae, new in 2015 and a perfect example of a gorgeous Thai babe. 48 kilos and 160 cms tall Ae is 29 years old

Eamy. 29 year old Eamy. For those that like a little more to hold and cuddle this lovely Thai Girl is the perfect companion

Nid. Angel Nid, just returned to us after more than 2 years away, and warmly welcomed back. She was popular then and we’re sure she will in demand again.

Tuk 2. Our stunning Angel in Phuket and namesake of our other Angel Tuk, so with no preference on attributes we have given her the title of Tuk 2!

Pook. This is one rare asset A thai girl with natural large breasts!! Pook is 157 tall and weighs 46 kilos. 27 years old. Good English.

Anna. 27 year old Anna. 162 tall and 49 kilos. English is very good and girlfriend experience is excellent. Anna is great looking and heaps of fun

Da. Da is a stunning girl and one that will keep you returning time and time again. Not only for the delights of Phuket but for her truly erotic and captivating charms

Irene. Full of excitement has been the feedback from a lot of our guests and you will need lots of energy when booing Irene because she has so much get up and go

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