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Our beautiful Thai girls will leave you spell bound! You will be completely grounded when you see their perfect slim figure- clad in smart attire, the high heels carrying her weight smartly down the street, the long jet black hair carelessly flowing with the wind! Her flawless smooth fair skin and those cute little facial features will suddenly compel you to protect her of all the pounding dangers coming her way! Well, returning back from your momentary street dreams you will definitely fall in love with her almost instantly!


Thai Love, nothing can beat it, you’ve just fallen for a beautiful Thai Girl and echoed what 90% of expats here in Thailand do and thousands of western men across the world, so your in good company. But its not without its challenges, there are cultural differences that need to be taken into consideration and Thai Love can come at a price!


For all the challenges that will face you after falling in love, the rewards and benefits will all stack up well for you and your new Thai Love!!


You have found a devoted and loving girl who will remain loyal, feminine and caring. However you are now also to a certain extent committed to a larger family. Her Thai roots lie firmly in family tradition and she may well have been supporting them to a small or large degree as we have already covered in our Thai Girls section. So clearly there are financial decisions and commitments that will need to be made on your part.


Financial commitments to your new Thai Love


Firstly no doubt you will want to have her stop working with us :(


That's no problem we have managements to ensure that happens, but more importantly what is she going to do or how is she going to support herself and family commitments without working, remember, your new Thai Love was earning fairly good money and she needs to have that compensated if you want her to stop working.


If you intend living together or getting married what have you discussed about where you will be living? Do you intend bringing her back to your country or are you thinking of taking the step to come and live here in Thailand. Either way there are lots of hurdles to cross but all is very achievable as long as it is done correctly and legally.


Remember that your new found Thai Love also loves her country and her family very much. She will jump at the chance however to come over and visit a new country and stay for a prolonged time, it is something many dream about but be aware. Your new love wants to please you at all times, does not like confrontation and disagreements and perhaps is to scared to say in the early stages of your relationship her true feelings about where she wants to live in the future.


But rest assured that deep down in her heart she would eventually love to return to her home country of Thailand and set up home there.





Thai Love : oops..its happened, you fallen head over heals in love with one of our Thai Girls. Here's some very important info for you to dwell on.

Thai Love :

Your new Thai Love may have a different attitude to the Love you know back in the West.


Sooner rather than later you will discover that the girl you love will prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. Even at the expense of the truth, it is a Thai trait and one that is ingrained in society so please do not try to change this characteristic, you will find it impossible to do so and it will lead to major problems in the process. Better to have an acceptance and knowledge of this so that you can allow for misunderstandings later in your lives together.


As in all loving relationships there will be times of conflicts and you will find that with your Thai Love they will smile at you, even when you are getting angry, although on the inside they may well be detesting you at that very moment. But they are from an early age trained to hide their feelings in many ways.


This of course contrasts with western society where sometimes bluntness and clarity are a character trait that can be highly regarded. Your Thai Love will accept fate with no major complaints to the point that they may give in to easily when faced with challenges. This can be frustrating at times as challenges of general life are around us at all times.






Is your Thai Love worth it?


Of course she is!! Love is never easy especially Thai Love but look at the returns you have for your endeavors!! The most devoted, sexy and loving partner or wife you get ever wish to have.


Now that you are totally smitten, what are you going to do in the long term, get married? If so that's a whole new piece of work and mostly covered in our Thai Ladies understanding the cultural differences section.


We can help and advice to steer you in the right direction but a professional service would be recommended although it can all be carried out by the both you without legal help.  





Thai Love Thai Love Thai Love

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