Phuket Songkran Festival 13 April – 16 April 2023

There’s just no way round it, if your going to be with us between the 13th to 16th April and a day or two either side then if you head out of the villa, you can count on getting very wet!

Its not to everyones tastes or desires to experience so if you happen to be one of those people who just has no inclination to be soaked from head to toe then all day and night then you really need to think about remaining most of the period in the villa or just going out briefly via car to restaurants or other venues.

If however you happen to be open to experiencing at least a day or night of this then believe us, your going to be in for a treat. One word of warning, the roads are full of nutcases drunk driving be that on a moped or in a car or truck so take care when enjoying yourselves.

Songkran water festival is the Thai New Year tradionally speaking and a time of year when the farmers would wait for the rains in the paddy fields. But thats since been taken over by just enjoying one huge water fight throughout Thailand not just Phuket. Have your water guns to hand and dive in!